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The DVD/VIDEO Series

Product Description

Boxed Set With All 8 DVDs and

Boxed Set With All 8 DVDs and Booklet

£45.00 (excl. P&P)


This is an 8 DVD box-set containing the clinical examinations for:

  1. General Examination

  2. Respiratory Examination

  3. Cardiovascular Examination

  4. Abdominal Examination (with elements from the Genitourinary System)

  5. Peripheral Nervous System

  6. Cranial Nerves examination

  7. Case History Taking

  8. Musculoskeletal Examination


A handy revision booklet is enclosed

For details please refer to the individual videos of each system.

If you buy the complete set you make a substantial saving than purchasing each system individually.

You will make a saving of at least £115 if all 8 DVDs are purchased individually.


ISBN: 9780955129193

  • The DVD (8 DVD box-set): £45

  • (Price does not include postage fee. This will be calculated depending on your location)

  • Total play time: 7 hours appx

The box sets are ordered from this site. If you would like the stream or download version visit our VIMEO site below
To Download or Stream individual videos visit our VIMEO site.


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