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Medical Educational DVD Course

Presented by Andreas Syrimis


Our Educational Product

Over the last 20 years we have produced a series of video recordings and other audio-visual material as well as Study Guides on clinical examination skills and Differential Diagnosis. All the clinical examination procedures are accompanied by step-by-step explanations of the physical examination techniques, how they are performed, what you are looking to elicit and what might be a positive or a negative finding. They are enriched with 100’s of specially designed images and animations to facilitate your learning experience.

Where appropriate, before patient examination, a short and effective review of the regional and surface anatomy and physiology is included. Once familiar with the theory of the procedures you can select to view the brief physical examination footage.

These clinical publications are available as DVDs in PAL format or to download from our VIMEO channel.
You can view trailers and many excerpts on our YouTube channel

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