There are various methods to pay for your DVD / VIDEOS.


If you chose to purchase them using PayPal then made is made immediately. This is the fastest way to gain access to the video footage if you choose to download or stream.


You will need to set up a payment order from your own account to our bank account. As soon as your funds have reached our account we will complete your order by giving you access to the on-line video footage or by dispatching the actual DVDs to your selected address.


If you decide to send us a cheque to our London office then you will need to wait until this is cleared, normally 5-10 days.

For multiple or bulk orders please email us for payment details and possible discount schemes.

When your order is completed you will have access to our bonus on-line resources for no additional charge for the same period as streaming / download. If you order the DVDs the additional bonus resources will be open to you for up to six months.

Confidentiality statement (PayPal’s own confidentiality statement will be found on the checkout page)

All data provided to us, we will use it solely for the purposes for which it was provided. Confidential or other personal information will not be disclosed to third parties. All personal and financial transactions on this site are securely stored.

Transactions performed with PayPal using your credit/debit card are protected by PayPal and as a result Bloomsbury Educational Ltd does not collect or have access to such financial details. PayPal(c) industry-leading fraud prevention measures make their service a safe way to pay online.