Case History Taking DVD Cover

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Case History Taking and Differential Diagnosis

Case History taking forms the first major component in the process of arriving at a diagnosis. Taking a concise and focused case history requires good listening, interpersonal and analytical skills. In most cases the clinician would have developed their differential diagnosis on case history alone. Subsequent clinical examination and further diagnostic procedures must be based on the identification of emerging themes that will eventually give rise to the most probable diagnosis(es). The process of focused case history inquiry and the development of differential diagnosis is demonstrated in a unique and innovative approach by analyzing the progress of real clinical encounters.

Case History Taking includes the following stages:

  • Principles of case history taking
  • System-by-system focused inquiry and red flags
  • Real-time case history demonstrations
  • Principles of differential diagnosis
  • Topographic approaches to pain patterns and differential diagnosis
  • Q & A slide shows
  • More than 1000 images and slides
  • Revision booklet enclosed
  • More than 120 mins of video footage


  • General case history
  • Systems inquiry
  • Case history demonstration and differential diagnosis: Abdominal pain
  • Case history demonstration and differential diagnosis: Leg pain
  • 35 Comprehensive Q & A slide shows
Technical specifications of the media
DVD (Digital Versatile Disc)
Aspect Ratio:4:3, Colour
Main feature run time: 120 mins
Region:0 PAL
ISBN (13 digits)978-0-9551291-7-9

A revision booklet is enclosed. This contains the procedures and key questions for all the system in this series. It can be used as a checklist for students when practicing.

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Case History - Main Sections

Case History Taking with Images

Evaluation of Symptoms

Medical Records
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